&! i’m breaking up with the boob anaconda.

Y’all, I’m here to talk about boobs.

The wonderful humans at Influenster were like, “HAAAYGURL, want to try out a sports bra for free?”


And not only did they send me a bra, they also threw in the world’s most fabulous pair of workout capris to ever capri:

Here’s the thing, and I’ll be flat-out honest:

I’m totally not the girl who feels okay dropping $50+ on workout clothes, especially a bra.
If I’ve got 50 bucks to burn, y’all best believe it’s going straight toward a bevy of clearance-rack finds at Target, plus an iced caramel latte from my favorite local coffee shop with the stamped-tin ceilings.

When it comes to sports bras, especially, I’m cool hitting up Target, grabbing whatever one  is on sale, and calling it good. My boobs aren’t picky, you know? As long as they’re not parading around unsupervised, they’re totally golden.

That said, I had zero expectations for this $50+ sports bra.
A bra is a bra is a bra, especially if it’s a sports bra, right?
It’s going to anaconda-smash my girls down, keep them out of the way when I’m doing sporty things, and hopefully, it’s also going to wick moisture so I’m not a hot mess. Bam.

Spoiler alert:

I took my new bra for its maiden voyage on the night of my softball team’s final game (bonus points to anyone who gets the reference on my team tee) and it was all I could do not to be the weird teammate who was walking up to bat like, “CAN I TELL YOU ABOUT MY REALLY NEAT NEW BRA REALLY QUICK.”

For starters? I still got to have boobs while wearing it.
I’m a full B on my most impressive boob days, so the typical routine with my regular sports bra is HULKSMASH NO BOOBS FOR YOU.

With this bad boy?

There was support. Who knew sports bras could make underwire totally unnoticeable?
There was padding. Which, for a girl playing softball on a 50-degree night, comes in real handy.
There was comfort. After a regular game in my usual sports bra, I couldn’t *wait* to get home and free the girls from boob-prison.
In The Incredible? I’d absolutely wear it as a regular bra, any day, which is saying a lot. (Also, how freaking fun is the pattern? It’s like a wildflower field blew up into confetti.)

Suffice to say, I totally get why people drop the cash for pricier sports bras.
Apparently, not all sports bras are out to anaconda my chest, and The Incredible is one of them.

Two very enthusiastic 👍👍 to homegirls at Victoria’s Secret for creating a sports bra that absolutely doesn’t suck OR hulk-smash my girls.

This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria’s Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.


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One Response to &! i’m breaking up with the boob anaconda.

  1. Amy Berlund says:

    My CUP runneth over. Great blog. Breast take on sports bras. lol!

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