on kitchen windows.

home is where the otherwise unremarkable becomes extraordinary.

see this view?

to anyone else, it’s just a backyard.

a random stretching of leafy branches next to the house;
a fence lined with mystery plants,
a dirt peninsula that might turn lush next spring.

but to me,
it’s the coziest feeling in the world to look through this window—
this window above the tiny kitchen island, covered in the same confetti laminate as the kitchen floor—
and see the glory days of our green, green grass.

to peer through that frame and know that, in a few weeks,
our entire backyard world will be covered in crunchy leaves,
then later, dusted with the winter’s first sparkling snowfall.

you see the tiny snapshot of a world through the window frame;
i see, someday, a little swing for our little babycake hanging from that tree.
a swing where they can have tiny baby toes in the breeze & learn to love how magical this life of ours truly is.

i see, someday, a hammock strung between that tree and the garage,
where I can read and sway in summer sunshine and listen to the clinks & clanks of husband working on the Toyota in the garage.

i see snowmen and tiny snow angels,
bubbles blown and BBQ smoke on the breeze,
s’mores and a little fire pit, reese’s cups melting under gooey marshmallows.
spring and summer afternoons, barefoot in sprinklers, watering all the flowers.

i see the extraordinary, because this life—
our life—
is exactly that.

& i can’t wait to see what view shows up through that window next.


About ashley!

in love, obnoxiously happy, and up to a lot of awesome.
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2 Responses to on kitchen windows.

  1. ~Linda says:

    Must. Visit. Soon.

  2. Who needs the Faces to enjoy some OutTV? Not me.

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