&! thxthxthx thursday: “hi, i’m wearing a scarf” edition

&! My Gmail background (what theme are you using, p.s.? I wanted to use the “Wood” one originally, but the background clashes all sorts of horrid with the words on the side, and then my eyes would be like OMGWHY WHY every time I saw it); anyway, it totally feels like I’m typing up emails whilst laying facedown in the grass.

&! Full Saturdays of soul charging with my best
wandering downtown alleys & letting autumn sunshine ride the breeze around us;
hanging with her brilliant blonde girls & my heart getting melty over how wonderful and lovely and hilarious they are (for example, her youngest is telling me a story, and abruptly stops mid-sentence to shriek, “SQUIRREL!” & point at it before continuing on);
a piping-hot basket of breadsticks and a corner booth filled with awesome conversation; and it always works that, in the salad, she takes the olives & onions, and all the tomatoes are belong to me

&! My new down jacket, which is basically like wearing the MOST AWESOME SLEEPING BAG EVER, but with ARMS:

&! Morning Coke/Dr. Pepper in a tall red tumbler with a straw

&! When my aunt Barb sends me recipes & links to DIY projects/home decor sites, just because

&! Using words like “sprightly” in copy at work

&! Basically everything I’ve written at work over the past two days, because it’s been a splendid array of adorable dish towels! And aprons! (Which I’d never wear anyway, but THEIR CUTENESS STILL EXISTS) And little dip bowls that look like baby chicks! (In a really not creepy, super-Easter-festive sort of way, I promise)

&! THIS SHIRT, which I would wear SO HARD:

&! Coming home to find that husband did the dishes (I continue to believe that if I just leave them alone long enough, they’ll get restless and WASH THEMSELVES) AND put away laundry. Aiiiiir heaaaaarrrttttt.


About ashley!

in love, obnoxiously happy, and up to a lot of awesome.
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