&! currently (november)

current book:

Guys, I thought this was a western. (Chalk it up to my lazy scan of the cover; I live in the west, OK, so when I see expanses of open land—nevermind that there’s a pyramid on it, and clearly some really non-western foliage happening over yonder—I just automatically assume, oh yeah, horses, outlaws, dust.)

It is not.

It is, however, one of the few books I’ve ever had to actually digest in bite-sized word pieces. Tom Robbins is brilliant in the way he strings words together, coming up with twists of nouns & swirls of adjectives that are pure comfort food to my giant word-nerd soul; because of this, however, I’ve had the roughest time just settling into that content, caught-up-in-the-story pace that I fall so easily into with other books.

Also, I’m about ¼ of the way through and still can’t really tell you what it’s about.
Except possibly red hair, a princess, Hawaii and explosives.

current guilty pleasures:

  • Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 6; it’s either (1) I’m living my wannabe-cheerleader dreams vicariously through these poor girls who have to their hair & makeup for everything or (2) deep down, I’m convinced that I’mactually working out/toning up by watching them do it.
  • Related: Further convincing myself that I can dance by attempting to imitate the routines they do on the aforementioned show. I purposely avoid being near reflective surfaces when this takes place, because it’s better if I have that “ohmygod, I am so definitely good at this” image in my head than the one of what I actuallylook like parading around in my sweats & pumping my arms around.
  • I’m a chronic gift card hoarder. Thus, even though I have $29 of gift card credit on Amazon.com, I’ll sit there and load up my cart (recent additions include The Worst Witch & an assortment of Francesca Lia Block novels I’ve yet to devour), get one click way from making the purchase, and then decide, dude, I can get it cheaper if I wait… so I do.
  • Listening to the radio ON MY TV through our new Blu-Ray player, which is decidedly the coolest thing in our entire house. With one wave of the remote (technically, you have to also push buttons to make it work, but for purposes of contributing to how VERY MAGICAL it is… “wave” wins the verb), I can bring Slacker radio and Netflix and Pandora into my living room, and it’s basically the coolest thing ever. Even if it does take 800 years to type in names to make Pandora stations, because you have to use the number pad on the remote & the buttons are all small.

current obsession:
KALE CHIPS. Oh, my actual god, KALE CHIPS.

(Not my picture. I don’t think I even own a white bowl, to be totally honest with you)

Sarah-Face got me hooked on these; basically, you know the green leafy-ness that hangs out in the Zuppa Toscana soup at Olive Garden? That’s kale. (For those of you more sophisticated than I was before kale chips came into my life & already knew what kale was without needing a chain-restaurant reference, I heartily high five you)

Anyway, so you buy kale from the grocery store, wash it off, and then tear off the leaves into chip-sized pieces; you don’t want them to be too itsy, because otherwise when they cook, they just turn into these very sad, very small bits of hard-to-pick-up crispiness.

Once you’ve got the pieces torn up, toss them in a bowl with about 1 Tbsp. olive oil and a few sprinkles of salt. Arrange them on a baking pan in a single layer, then pop them in the oven at 350°F for 10 minutes. (Cooking time is subjective, p.s.; Sarah puts hers in for 30 minutes, but the first time I did that, I all but started the dear chips on fire… so start with 10, see if their crispness works for you, and work from there)

Also, I bought leggings for the first time about a week ago, and GUYS, WHY HAS NO ONE BEFORE TOLD ME HOW WONDERFUL THEY ARE

The obsession part comes in with the fact that when you add a pair of knee-highs? It’s basically like you’re wearing cozy footie pajamas that are totally acceptable to wear out into the world beyond your house. Win.

OH, & boot socks. I would be remiss to not touch on my new obsession with boot socks.

 current songs:
Moves Like Jagger – Maroon Five (BTW, he legitimately says “take me by the tongue,” in case you also felt like you were just hearing it wrong & may not have Googled it like I did. you’re welcome!)

Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff – deadmau5

Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO

Horizons – Puscifer; basically, my car has been subjected to their entire Conditions of My Parole album on a loop since I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago. It’s on my same love-level as Radiohead’s In Rainbows album, which basically translates to A LOT.

current movie:
Can I take  a quick second to have a hissy fit over how not that awesome streaming Netflix is?! I was so blinded by the idea that I could have an entire catalog of movies directly connected to my living room that I failed to realize that, oh hi, apparently that excludes 85% of the movies I actually want to watch. (I’m still pissed that The Worst Witch wasn’t streaming for Halloween, but whatever)

Because The Help made it to the dollar theater well before my hold on it at the library came in (two months and counting!), I committed the grievous sin of watching the movie before reading the book…. & loved it.

Of course, as any self-respecting movie-goer did, I despised all of Skeeter’s Stepford-Wife-contender-friends—but loved their hairs fiercely, particularly those of the extra-evil redhead.

& the way they all perfectly nailed the swoopy eye?! I tried it on Halloween and an hour into the night, I’d already smudged my handiwork off because I’m five and can’t leave my face alone.

So, in summation; kudos on your winged eyeliner, catty girls, and congrats on the hair. I still hate you, but at least you’ve got redeeming qualities.

current wish list:


current blessing:
That the Wal-Mart up the street sells Mrs. Meyers lavender laundry detergent now.
& the feeling of my love walking through the front door after being gone for work, home & happy & arms wide open.
& that I have the best husband ever, who’s always up for my random ideas—like this, last night:

& cozy cardigans that keep me from crystallizing in the arctic landscape that is my cube at work. 

current excitement:
We’re going to a new Thai/sushi place
that actually understands how to decorate (which, for a restaurant here, is huge) & I’m going to eat things dipped in tempurah & likely have my chopstick skills—or lack thereof—mocked by my date.

It’s going to be blissful.

Thanksgiving—specifically the eating part, and especially the sections involving turkey, mashed potatoes and corn—is a close second.

current favorite picture:

current quote:


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6 Responses to &! currently (november)

  1. ruggedgrace says:

    The blog world is FURIOUS that it’s taken you this long to bless it with your brilliance, as am I. You make me yearn for a fire place, and 700 more pages of your writing.

  2. 1. I have a most definite obsession with leggings and it took me a while too.. but oh do I love to prance in public no matter what people think 😉 The knee highs will be a fun addition in the near future!
    2. I google every song lyric because I have historically been made fun of for saying ridiculous things and that song makes me want to shake it all over!
    3. I love this “recap” love love love!

    • ashley! says:

      YESSSSS LEGGINGS! What colors do you have? I’ve just got black for now, but I think brown ones could be amaaaazing. (& when you try the leggings/knee-highs combo, DO let me know how you love it. It’s seriously cozytown)

  3. REESE says:

    1) How did you hear about that book? It’s definitely not something I would ever think of picking up! And sounds interesting? sort of? ;p
    2) Last night I watched the CMAs even though I don’t really listen to country music. So we all have our vices when it comes to TV viewing time ;p
    3) Where’d you get those fabulous leggings? I have one pair (stirrups…heh heh). But leggings are definitely on my christmas list this year! especially non-black ones (because HAVE YOU EVER SEEN BROWN ONES? i DONT THINK SO AND i WANT SOME!)
    4) Boot socks. I never thought of such cute things. But doesn’t the cuteness get covered up by the boot of it all? I want brown boots. I shall have to find cute socks to go with…
    5) THAT FRAME IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT (there’s an awful lot of caps in this comment. Which should rightly explain my glee and enthusiasm!). Did you just take out the glass? Did you paint it? Please tell me MOAR.
    6) How was date night, dahling?! 🙂
    7) You girls look so happy! ❤ *draws hearts and happy sighs* And I would be remiss if I didn't say I was so jealous that ya'll are so amazing together!

    • ashley! says:

      The book was actually supposed to be for a book club that epically, epically failed over the summer; as in, we had one meeting wherein that book was picked (a fave of the founder) & then disbanded. It is literally THE hardest book I’ve ever read because I can’t find a flow; like, I can’t hit that “settled in” spot where I can see the characters because I’m re-reading every other paragraph to appreciate the brilliant turns of words/trying to figure out WTF is going on.

      Target was where I scored my leggings for all of $5 on sale! They’re normally $8; you know me & my super-classy, ultra-expensive taste. I want brown ones, too, but have yet to find them! I’m betting, like, JC Penney or Kohls would have them; they always seem to have a plethora of all things basic. & as for the boot socks, most climb up to my knee & so there’s about 1-2″ of sock that peek out the top. I didn’t think they’d show much, either, but voila! They love my Uggs & my Acorns & the black suede ones I got with you at Dillard’s ever ago!

      Oh, my frame. It was originally the home of a hideous, hideous oil painting at Goodwill that I literally kicked out because it was stapled in. All I did was spray paint it white and hang it! I was so freaking proud, dude. And a little violent about it, but whatever.

      & date night was super spectacular; a splendid meeting of me, a hot husband (mine, natch), delicious tempurah-dipped sushi, even better teriyaki, and $1 scoop night at Baskin-Robbins! <3!

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