&! thxthxthx thursday: the “dude, it’s friday” edition

Downloading Spotify on my work computer (OMG, shhh, NO ONE TELL I.T.) and having—in this order, no less—Ryan Adams, Bon Iver, Journey, The Band Perry, the Across the Universe soundtrack, & The Civil Wars keep my ears company for the better part of today.

&! Girly craft night at Sarah‘s, wherein I did not (1) glue, damage or otherwise cause harm to any inanimate objects (see: past craft adventures involving accidentally gluing paper/clear glass beads to a table that was definitely not mine) and did (2) manage to get through the entire event without mangling myself on the sharp, crooked metal things jutting out of the picture frame I was decorating. (I had to exorcise this horrific, serial-killer-like drawing from it about how friends made the best collectables—YEAH, I KNOW—and then ended up with a picture frame that apparently wants to be in the next Saw installment)
This would be a really superb time to insert a picture of said craft, but I sent a picture of it to Naomi & then promptly deleted it.

&! The “lost and found” emails from our work receptionist. For example, this one, which literally arrived in my inbox no less than two minutes ago:

This seems to be the time for loss.  Someone has recovered a couple items.  One can be worn on the ear and the other the wrist.  They are both silver, but not a set.  One is flexible and the other is not.  Check your limbs and ear for what may have fallen to the ground.


&! Hats and fishtail braids

&! Naomi‘s gorgeous new siren-red hairs (and Naomi in general, for that matter)

&! Subway cookies, which must ALWAYS be eaten in their crispy state

&! Coming home last night to find our storage ottoman totally dismantled, and husband being all, “The cushion sucked, and I looked on YouTube, and it really should be pretty easy to fix.”
And then he fixed it.
And now? Now we have the cushiest, fluffiest ottoman top in all the land, and everyone needs to come over and put their feet up on it IMMEDIATELY.

&! A weekend sparkling with awesome, including haunted corn, epic shopping with girls I adore (I want cozy socks to wear with boots, and belts, and scarves, and something like 8 or 9 tees from Zumiez involving pretty words & sugar skulls) , dinner & a movie with my mom and brother, and a slow-down Sunday made just for burning candles, tumbling laundry and grocery shopping


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in love, obnoxiously happy, and up to a lot of awesome.
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  1. I toooold you Spotify as work was a lifesaver!

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