&! thxthxthx thursday

&! Books so good that you borrow every extra spare minute to dive back in to them (my current love? “Sisterhood Everlasting” by Ann Brashares, the final book in the “Sisterhood” series—which, now that there’s been the movie? ALL the characters look, in my head, like the stars who played them. WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN)

&! Babies with big, squishy cheeks

&! Watching my love with our friends’ kiddos (all of whom adore him) and thinking about how amazing a dad he’s going to be to our little somedays. And how said somedays will be girls (the plural existence is still debatable; I mean, unless our first kid pops out all Hannah-Montana-complex-like & has two personalities. And then it’ll be LIKE we’ve got two)… anyway, they’ll be fabulous, they’ll wear tutus, and glitter willing they’ll inherit their hippie mama’s taste in music

&! When the Faces (our cats, Ella & Emerson) snuggle into bed in the morning, butt-first, backing under the covers until they’re perfectly, cozily between us, and purr themselves back to sleep

&! Old Ashlee Simpson songs—like, we’re the talking Pieces of Me era, where she had the MTV reality show (which, yes, I totally watched, BECAUSE IT WAS AWESOME OK) and her original nose

&! Having these words wrapped around my wedding finger:
The fact that my car smells like apples & spices in an awesome way, not in that scary, “I’m-in-the-bathroom-of-an-old-person-with-an-affinity-for-potpourri” way, all thanks to my Bath & Body Works car freshener.

&! My love informing aforementioned car freshener that its name, Leaves, was a liar, “Because what leaves REALLY smell like that?”
FICTIONAL ones, my darling. The invisible ones that exist in little, tiny, glorious-smelling piles all over my car, THAT’S WHAT

&! My new shirt:

’cause I’m nothing if not that.

&! Streaming Puscifer’s soon-to-be-released “Conditions” album & falling in happy, happy, blissful-chill love with every song that spirals by


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2 Responses to &! thxthxthx thursday

  1. Love love LOVE Ashlee simpson!!! I was sad when her and pete wentz broke up. really thought it was going to work out for them. And you know, it’s important because it has an impact on my life. I miss her music. I SUPER love her most recent cd, which was all uh..less pop-ish but still pop like? Yeah i have no description. (haha, cd!!) ANNNNNYYYWAAAYYYYYY i am thxthxthxful that we are buds and that I get to read with glitter vision at least once a week! :D<3

  2. ashley! says:

    I know, right?! (P.S., which CD was her most recent? Was it the one of her in the hoodie and the cute blondes? I always kind of wanted to go THAT blonde and then was like, oh wait, I might look like my hair is haunted/dead)

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